неделя, 21 юли 2013 г.

Leap motion controller - why it is not worth so far

So, most everybody should have heard of the new Minority Report like way to interact with your computer - Leap Motion. And here is why I will be passion on on this.

First, guys, it is extremely annoying that you delayed it - with 3 months. 

Second, the billing that they bill your credit card is from a company that has nothing to do with their name - Moduslink - some retailer of office supplies just west of Boston. Seriously?  Do you have an idea that I had to change my credit card because of a charge I didn't recognize? And did I mention that they same your credit card info too?

Third, the device arrived today - let me spell it out for you. 20th of July 2013 or 2013-07-20. Voila - you open the box and... nasty surprise number 4 - "Activate at leapmotion.com/setup". Seriously?  You want me to activate a mouse? I bought it got damned, you didn't rent it out to me, you didn't lease it to me, you didn't license it to me - you sold it to me, it is mine to do what I feel like doing with it. 

Fifth, connect to the computer, open the web page and... Oh shit! Seriously ?!?

"Launching July 22!
Welcome! We're glad you've received your device. We're launching shortly and wanted to make sure you were ready. Please come back on July 22nd to download the software and get started with your Leap Motion Controller. See you soon."

You can't put your shit together to get it working???

All that for a mouse - sorry guys, but you are a non-starter. And what is the deal with the abomination USB 3 micro B connector - if you needed the current you should have used a mini B connector. 

I would not even bother with you any more.