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5 Юли 2006 Evolution mumbo-jumbo

I’m finaly fed up with Evolution 2.x.
The most wonderful feature of the 1.x series - local storage in MH or Maildir, now is no longer supported. All local mail is stored in that shit mbox format. 1.x series allowed the local folders to have whatever type you like - I used MH/Maildir for the folders with most intensive operations - new messages/moving/deleting and so on. I mbox for my archive, no point in wasting a whole inode just to have 1kb mail. Mbox is shit. Wait 5-6 minuted just to delete a single message, not to mention the time it consumes for moving between different folders.

So, those wretched Ximian/ Novell developers decided all local folders to be in mbox, and you can’t chahge this. What an incompetence. Ah okay, okay, you could have a MH/Maildir but you had to have some MTA with local delivery. What, whait a minute there! I must install fetchmail/procmail/qmail/mh/movemail and set up all that just to have a lightspeed mail. You developers are idiots.

Well luckily if you create the directory structure for MH dir, you could point Evolution to it. But you don’t have pop. No way get your mail into the inbox. Now, create a second account with a pop server, and set some filters in place - such as to move every received message in the inbox of the MH (and stop processing after that). Now there is a pop and the folders are in MH format. Now set up some more filters with higher priority then the above to the folders in the MH and wola.

Now I don’t have to wait forever for my mail, and even the downloading of the usual 1000+ fast.

Some may ask why all the trouble. Well I don’t like Kmail, never did, never did like kde at all. I don’t like thunderbird either, never liked anything netscape related, and thunderbird is all about stupid netscape legacy.

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